Eastern Orthodox texts preserved

Welcome to my personal corner

This site is about "Early Orthodox" text's, and more importantly you being able to access them, and print them for your enjoyment.

The reason for making this site was for several reasons that are listed below.

 1: The Word of God is free, and no matter how many book forms these old text's (if any) get published in, the actual Word of God is free - You pay for an introduction, some publishers study notes, a glossy cover, paper, ink & production costs, but the Word always remains free.

 2: So many text's are scattered across the internet, and it takes a lot of time to find them, and hopefully it will save you time here.

 3: Orthodoxy is new to me, and my wish is to share what is now in my possession to those who have interest.  

Lastly it's worth mentioning that I have made an ISO of all these text's, plus software & other resources on my internet searches. A lot of text's I had to reformat & index, but the real thanks is to those who took the time to post these text's.

If you know of any text's that are difficult to find then please let me know. Hebrews 4:12