Eastern Orthodox texts preserved

What is this site all about!

Welcome to all those that have found this website, and those whom it is hoped will visit.

There is little to say about myself, apart from living in Dutch society & trying to wrestle with the many aspects of life.

Orthodoxy is new to me, although life has orbited  around christianity for many years. Christianity in it's many colours led me down many paths & dead-ends,  perhaps through my ignorance, or the doctrine that was presented.

Orthodoxy has changed all this, and in truth it's always been with me - it's just that it was not recognized until now.

Every Orthodox person whom I have asked "what do you like about orthodoxy" the answer is always .... because it's a way of life.

This becomes more true in my life every day, and what I have come to learn is that it revolves around inner prayer (Jesus Prayer). Nobody can fully explain this to the person that is seeking, it can only be found by the seeker while reading the rich textures of Orthodox texts given to us by the Saints.

Thank you again for visiting this site, and please feel free to share these text's to whomever you chose to share them with.

Holy Mother of God please pray for us, Almighty Father in heaven hear our prayer, Lord Jesus Christ our saviour be our prayer. Amen.